CSCV Courses for CS Minors

Spring 2023 Registration

If you are a Computer Science minor interested in taking CSC 335, CSC 345, or another upper division CSC class in Spring 2023, the CS advising team encourages you to consider enrolling in computer science courses offered through the UA College of Applied Science & Technology (CAST).

All UA CAST Computer Science courses are coded as CSCV (as opposed to CSC), and are offered fully online. Because UA CAST is an extension of UArizona, your classes are still part of the UArizona system and directly map onto your minor requirements.

CS courses being offered by UA CAST in Spring 2023 include:

  • CSCV 335 = CSC 335 - Object-Oriented Programming and Design
    (prerequisite CSC 210)
  • CSCV 337 = CSC 337 - Web Programming
    (prerequisite CSC 110)
  • CSCV 345 = CSC 345 - Analysis of Discrete Structures
    (prerequisites CSC 210, [CSC 245 or MATH 243])
  • CSCV 402 = MATH/CSC 402 - Mathematical Logic
    (prerequisite MATH 122B or MATH 125)
  • CSCV 452 = CSC 452 - Principles of Operating Systems
    (prerequisites CSC 252, CSC 345, CSC 352)
  • CSCV 460 = CSC 460 - Database Design
    (prerequisites CSC 335, CSC 345)
  • CSCV 473 - Automata, Grammars and Languages
    (prerequisite CSC 345)

Any or all of these courses may be used to complete Upper-Division Elective requirements for the CSC mInor.

To enroll, please make sure you meet the prerequisites (listed above) and then contact Brittany Gordon ( to request enrollment. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact