Tutors of the Month

Tutors in the Department of Computer Science provide a tremendous servic

e to the department and the students in CS courses. This monthly recognition aims to highlight individual tutors for their contributions. Tutors are nominated by the students they help. 

November 2022

Gavin Vogt

Osama Alzahrawi nominate Gavin for recognition because "[Gavin is] super smart with everything."

Jiaxi Huang nominate Gavin for recognition because "Gavin is great at helping me with my assignments. He's amazing at explaining the concept to me and help me understand the concept."

Param Patel nominate Gavin for recognition because "He's very helpful at debugging. Always helps with concepts."

Mahesh Magendaran nominate Gavin for recognition because "Dude's the GOAT of the cs tutors."

October 2022

Noel Poothokaran

Gijeong Lee nominate Noel for recognition because "[Noel] is friendly and always willing to help me."

Thu Tra

Gijeong Lee nominate Thu for recognition because "[Thu] is friendly and always willing to help me."

Anh Nguyen Phung

Gijeong Lee nominate Anh for recognition because "[Anh] is friendly and always willing to help me."

October 2021

Hung Le Ba

Kat McGee nominated Hung for recognition because "Hung was kind and very helpful during tutoring. Even after he helped me with my first question and moved to the next person, he came back to check on my progress. He was able to meet me where I was at and guide me to the answer without just telling me what to do. I appreciated that he let me figure it out on my own, but didn't leave me to continue struggling."

Loc Minh Tran

Huyen Nguyen nominated Loc for recognition because "[Loc] helps me when I need it the most, especially with last minute questions before the assignment is due."

September 2021 

Connor Brett

Gizelle Chwasz nominated Connor for recognition because "He [Connor] is the best! Always understand concepts better after speaking with him. And he always encourages me to work harder".

Anh Phung

Jiwon Seo nominated Anh for recognition because "I went to [tutoring] several times and he was there and helped me understand the problem better and easily explain the spec."