Spotlight: Arthur Jordan

Oct. 20, 2020
Arthur Jordan is a University of Arizona Computer Science alumni that graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Fall 2016. In Spring 2017, Arthur became an Undergraduate Academic Advisor for the CS Department and in Summer 2019 he got promoted to the Coordinator of Career Development where he now supports students in defining their career path within Computer Science.
When asked to describe his experience working with the OSIRIS-REx mission, Arthur stated: 
During my undergraduate career I was fortunate enough to participate in an opportunity with the OSIRIS-REx mission at the Science Processing and Operations Center (SPOC) here at the University of Arizona. The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will attempt to return and analyze a small sample of an asteroid named Bennu; on October 20, 2020 the spacecraft will perform a Touch-and-Go (TAG) maneuver where the sampler head will be extended and the spacecraft will touch the surface (~5 seconds) and attempt to collect a sample on contact.
As a student developer, I managed website reporting information corresponding to downlinks - current data received from OSIRIS-REx and was able to collaborate with individuals across various academic and technical backgrounds. In addition, I worked alongside interdisciplinary teams to design, test, and maintain vital mission webpages. 
Ultimately, my brief time spent with OSIRIS-REx helped bridge the gap between the information I was learning in the classroom and the expectations from the real-world industry. There were definitely instances where I felt signs of imposter syndrome and the way that I overcame that was to ask as many questions as possible (within reason) and to meet as many team members. This helped me to become more comfortable communicating and asking questions in times where I felt overwhelmed or stressed. 
My favorite memory is watching the United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket launch from my CSC 445 office hours in the Gould-Simpson building. Personally, this is the coolest experience to have ever participated in. To watch LIVE coverage of the TAG event, please use the following link: