CS Ambassador Program (CSA)

CS Ambassador Program (CSA) 


Start with Why? | Computer Science Ambassadors 

The Department of Computer Science Ambassadors (CSA) holds a vital mission: to educate and enlighten K-12 prospective students, families, and the community, about the dynamic realm of Computer Science. The Department of Computer Science Ambassadors (CSA) are dedicated to illustrating the scope of Computer Science, showcasing the contributions of computer scientists, and revealing their profound impact across all aspects of our world.  Within CSA, the role goes beyond education— they embody student success and equip others with essential tools and strategies for excelling in Computer Science. CSAs strengthen recruitment efforts by engaging individually with prospective students, leading tours, conducting presentations and panels, and actively volunteering for various outreach endeavors.  As ambassadors representing the field of Computer Science, CSAs collaborate with alumni, career development partners, Academic Advisors, and influential community members. This collaboration fosters a culture rooted in leadership, teamwork, and professionalism —a forum where we collectively celebrate growth, excellence, and the vibrant field of Computer Science. 

Our Values 

The Computer Science Ambassadors program values openness, fostering an inclusive environment where all are welcome. We are committed to respecting and embracing diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. Our dedication to equity, diversity, and inclusion drives us to create a space where everyone feels valued and heard. Furthermore, we are committed to educating others about the vast landscape and opportunities within the field of computer science, promoting awareness and understanding.

Why Be a Computer Science Ambassador 

CSAs will acquire diverse, transferable skills through this program, enhancing their resumes and bolstering their career readiness. Key College of Science Competencies include Communication, Career & Self Development, Leadership, Professionalism, and Teamwork—all highly sought-after traits increasingly valued by employers. 

Additional Benefits: 
  • One-on-one mentoring with Valeria Martinez 
  • Certification/badge  of completion of the program  
  • Network experience with the Tucson Community, students, alumni, industry, and staff 
  • Enhance your resume and boost your professional presence  
  • Develop Leadership Skills  



Name: Lex Castaneda
Where I am from: Dallas, Texas 
Class Standing: Senior
Domestic or International Student: Domestic

I joined Computer Science to bring more awareness to the field and spread my passion to prospective students.




Name: Mingu Ji
Where I'm from: South Korea
Class standing: Junior but taking Freshman courses
Domestic or International: International transfer 
What I like about UA: I like how it's so warm throughout the winter, and also love how people in Tucson are all generally friendly. As an international transfer student who had to make a big change in life by deciding to come here, my piece of advice to incoming students would be: Don't let the feeling of uncertainty scare you, rather, be passionate and enthusiastic about the opportunities that lie in that courageous decision you'd make and just take a leap of faith.




Name: Rythm Sanghvi
Where am I from: India
Class Standing: Senior
Domestic or International: International 

Why I joined the Ambassadors:
I joined the Computer Science Ambassadors because I'm passionate about engaging with people and students, inspiring them, and sharing knowledge about the field of computer science. Additionally, I saw it as an opportunity to develop my leadership skills and foster supportive relationships with peers and mentors while making a positive impact on the community.

What I like most about the UA or Tucson:
I appreciate the vibrant atmosphere of both the university campus and the city. Tucson offers a unique blend of cultural diversity, outdoor activities, and a strong sense of community.

Advice for incoming students:
Make the most of your college experience in Tucson, and prioritize fun by actively seeking out opportunities to explore the outdoors and connect with others. Plan hiking trips and other adventures with friends, attend campus events and social gatherings, and be open to trying new activities. Don't forget to take breaks from studying to recharge and enjoy the beautiful surroundings Tucson has to offer. Building friendships and creating lasting memories are just as important as academic success, so make time for both!



Name: Lilian Wei 
My name is Lilian Wei! I am Taiwanese American. Currently, I am serving as the co-event manager of the Arizona Taiwanese Student Association. I was born in New Jersey, but I left for Taiwan when I was 5. I lived there for 11 years, and came back to the US in my high school junior year in Nevada (NOT VEGAS!!!)
I'm a freshman double majoring in Computer Science and Statistics & Data Science. 
I am a TA for CSC 110. I've spent a lot of time in office hours. If you pass by the OH room, there's a high chance of seeing a workaholic Lilian working there.
I decided to become a CS Ambassador because I want to advocate the information on computer science to our community and encourage the potential computer scientists to join this field. 
The reason why I'm sticking to UA is because of our supportive community. The faculties, staff, and even the students from our CS department are all there for help. Furthermore, Tucson is a nice town to live in. It's pretty similar to Reno, where I was from, so it feels like home.
My piece of advice for all of you is to GET INVOLVED!! Academics are always our top priority as students. However, the experience of college (preferably CS department) is only once. It is an option to stay with a 4.0 GPA without any extracurriculars. In that case, you are missing tons of opportunities that you can only experience in college. Trust me. It's going to be worth it to attend those events, join student groups, and meet new people. Wish you all have a wonderful college life!

Name: Javier Trejo
Where I am from: Tucson, Arizona
Class Standing: Junior
Domestic or International Student: Domestic

Why Did I join the Computer Science Ambassadors?: 
I felt compelled to help guide others down the path of Computer Science because communicating with other students, staff, and faculty has given me a better understanding of how to proceed for the remainder of my degree and afterward. 

What I like most about the U of A?: 
I like that the U of A provides helpful resources for students studying Computer Science such as the Tutoring Center, academic advising, and assistance in resume building and career development.  One piece of advice:
Keeping an organized schedule, managing time effectively, and taking the time to understand Computer Science concepts will help you out so much throughout the degree.



Name: MohammadHossein Rezaei
Where I am from: Tabriz, Iran
Class Standing: Junior
Domestic or International Student:  International 

I joined the ambassador team to be able to represent what it is like to be a CS student. I wanted to be able to help students learn more about CS and find their passion in a variety of opportunities within the domain of CS. 

What I like the most about UA is the supportive community and resources available for whatever you are interested in. Whether you are interested in becoming an astronaut, a researcher, or just having fun with your friends, there is a place for you at UA, and there is a group of staff that is more than willing to support you. 

My best piece of advice to incoming students is to start the semester as strong as they can. Usually, the first few weeks of the classes are easy, but it keeps getting harder and harder. Getting good grades in the first few weeks will increase your average in the course as it gets harder to obtain good grades in the last few weeks.



Name: Nilufer Demirbas
Where I am from: Turkey 
Class Standing: Junior 
Domestic or International Student: International 

I am Nilufer Demirbas from Turkey. I transferred to UA in Fall 2023 from Pima Community College and am in my third year as a Computer Science major. I became a CS Ambassador because I wanted to show people the amount of creative thinking that goes into programming and how well human creativity works with computers. Ever since I started studying at UA, I got to watch the unique sunsets of Tucson from the Gould Simpson building. Once you are here, never shy away from trying out any classes, clubs, or programs that you want because they are all there for you to learn and build yourself up.

  • You are actively pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Science in Computer Science  
  • Must be a full-time undergraduate student in good academic standing with a minimum cumulative and major GPA of  2.5  
  • Must commit to participating in 2 or more events per semester 
  • Must commit to attending mandatory training and team meetings  Each semester Valeria will evaluate the continuation of the student in the program 
Time Commitment 
  • The role of a CSA varies with each event, but a common expectation is to share firsthand experiences within the Computer Science department and the University of Arizona.  
  • CSAs typically allocate 3-5 hours per semester to the program, depending on the volume of requested or scheduled events, averaging between 3-5 per semester. Computer Science ambassadors are assigned to events on a rotational basis.   
  • CSAs must plan to participate in 2 or more events per semester (3 - 5 hours), depending on the number of events that are requested/scheduled Events may take place off-campus at local high schools
  • Maintain good academic standing with a minimum cumulative and major GPA of  2.5 GPA 
  • Participate in 2 or more events per semester  
  • Attend mandatory training and team meetings Valeria will assess the continuation of each ambassador every semester

Those interested in becoming Computer Science Ambassadors must apply. Each applicant will undergo a brief interview with Valeria as part of the selection process.

There are no current vacancies in the program and the next recruitment cycle will occur in Fall 2024.