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While Global Tracks programs have pre-built direct equivalencies for your major classes, that doesn't mean those are your only possible destinations. Work with the Study Abroad team and your academic advisor to find the journey that will work best for you!

Please check out the UA Study Abroad Start Your Journey for details about:

  • What goals you can achieve
  • If you are eligible
  • Meeting with the Study Abroad Team at the Global Lounge
  • Searching for different programs
  • Talking to your family
  • Finding funding
  • Applying

Anthony is a Tucson native. He studies Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at the University of Arizona. He is currently also in the Accelerated Masters Program for Computer Science. His dad works at IBM and after he saw IBM Watson win a Jeopardy game when he was little, Anthony has been fascinated with Machine Learning and AI. He has done camps and learned about how math and computer science can come together to create new technologies. Additionally, Anthony enjoys sports a lot. Currently he plays tennis, volleyball, and does yoga. He recently studied abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France and loved the culture there. Although he was not studying Computer Science nor math there, the enriching experiences have allowed him to see different parts of the world. There, he interacted a lot with the French locals, even joining a volleyball club and gaining a few friends. Once he returned, he delved right back into Computer Science by spending his summer at an internship for Amazon. Here he gained precious on-hands experiences and insights into Amazon's work culture.

It is important to talk to your academic advisor about your intent to study abroad, so that you can stay on track for graduation by taking classes that are relevant to your degree! Your academic advisor can help you plan ahead and give you recommendations for the best types of courses to take during your study abroad term. There might be great options at certain locations for your major or minor, or if you plan to satisfy your second language requirement or general education courses, you need to let your advisor know so they can help you make it happen!

Generally speaking, you should tell your advisor that you want to study abroad as soon as you’re interested, or at least one year before you want to go. Your advisor might have some specific programs in mind that are a great fit for your major such as a pre-approved Global Track or a faculty led program for your department.

If you already have a specific program in mind already, you’ll also need to let your advisor know so you can work together to determine which courses will help you satisfy your graduation requirements.

Which questions should I ask my academic advisor?

  • Which graduation requirements can I fulfill abroad?
  • When is the best semester for me to participate in study abroad?
  • Does my major have any Global Tracks or faculty led programs?


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