University High Visits UofA Computer Science

Feb. 18, 2019

Over the past several years, the Department of Computer Science Outreach team has formed close relationships with University High School, a local high school in Tucson. The outreach team, which also includes Computer Science student ambassadors have visited UHS for college and career fairs and have specifically worked with AP Computer Science teacher, Mr. David Herring.

Mr. Herring has invited the UA CS team to visit his classroom numerous times to talk with his AP students about a career in Computer Science and what the Computer Science program looks like at the University of Arizona.

Mr. Herring and University of Arizona Computer Science Academic Advisor, Nicole Soley have also worked closely over the past few years to implement an annual UHS Mini Hackathon. With CS Ambassadors playing a huge role in implementing this event as well, the Department of Computer Science has hosted 40-60 AP Computer Science students from UHS each year for the past three years. During each mini hackathon, UHS students work in groups lead by UA Computer Science students on a wide range of software projects. These projects have ranged from website development to algorithm visualization to creating bot chat systems and processing projects.

Not only do these UHS students get to experience the University of Arizona campus while learning in Computer Science classrooms, they also gain valuable experience being in a university collaborative environment. Additionally, these students have the opportunity to learn new and exciting topics from undergraduate and graduate students in the Computer Science department.

We continue to look forward to our partnership with Mr. Herring at University High School as we plan our 4th annual UHS Mini Hackathon. View below for pictures from our most recent UHS Mini Hackathon.