CS Staff Receive CoSSAC Star Awards!

April 27, 2023
CoSSAC Star Award

Please join us as we congratulate Alicia Cool, Tina Mendoza, Crystal Soto and Martin Marquez for receiving a College of Science Staff Advisory Council (CoSSAC) Star Award for the academic year 2022-2023. 

Individuals receiving this award are nominated by peers in their department for performing job duties above and beyond what is normally expected, improving efficiency in the workplace, and demonstrating, through attitude and actions, a willingness to help others and work as a team. 

Alicia Cool

Alicia Star Award

Alicia was nominated by Saumya Debray (Professor and Interim Associate Head) and Christian Collberg (Professor and Interim Department Head)

  • Highlights from nomination:
    • Alicia does not limit her work time to the 40-hour workweek, but routinely puts in time outside normal working hours to make sure that everything that needs to get done is done. On numerous occasions we have received work email from her after 8 or 9 in the evening, after she has put her kids to bed, as well as on weekends.
    • What is perhaps most striking about Alicia is how she never makes a show of her dedication and helpfulness: she just puts in whatever effort it takes to get things done.
    • Alicia is also extremely helpful in assisting faculty interface with upper administration. I (Collberg) spent months working on a set of difficult financial transactions - paying research subjects in developing parts of the world - and Alicia patiently took me through the process, setting up and managing meetings with the central business office.
Tina and Crystal

Tina Mendoza

Tina was nominated by Saumya Debray (Professor and Interim Associate Head) and Martin Marquez (Director of Academic Support Services).

  • Highlights from nomination:
    • Tina does not limit her work time to the 40-hour workweek, but routinely puts in time outside normal working hours to make sure that everything that needs to get done is done
    • Tina is very conscientious about helping our graduate students and also in working with me [Saumya Debra] in my roles as Interim Associate Department Head, to make sure that student needs are met
    • Tina works closely with our Graduate Student Council to host/coordinate student events with the aim to build our department culture.

Crystal Soto

Crystal was nominated by Martin Marquez (Director of Academic Support Services). 

  • Highlights from nomination:
    • Crystal is a linchpin for the Department!
    • Faculty, Staff and students come to speak to Crystal because she knows about the inner workings of the department and can help solve problems and get answers.
    • Her positive 'can-do' attitude and willingness to help is great example of the quality of person we aim to have at the University of Arizona.

Martin Marquez

Martin Star Award

Martin was nominated by the entire Academic Services Staff! 

  • Highlights from nomination:
    • Martin is always available to help. He is passionate about helping students succeed and makes the time to build relationships
    • Martin is a superb supervisor, mentor, colleague and supporter. 
    • Martin is always willing to go above and beyond to support his team, faculty and students. He makes the work environment an enjoyable place to be and works really hard to make sure that people feel valued for their hard work.
    • Martin is an outstanding and highly gifted Director.  The way he manages to artfully string together managing an overabundance of responsibilities and a steady stream of unexpected situations with effective and inspiring leadership is a marvel.