Danial Bazmandeh

PhD Student
Office: GS 725
Interests: Compilers, Programming Languages, Software Engineering, Database
Advisor: Dr. Saumya Debray


I was born and grew up in Mashhad, Iran. My journey into technology and computer science began at the renowned National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET). This path led me to earn a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) in Tehran. My fascination with programming started with my introduction to very basic programming languages like 'QBasic' and 'Visual Basic' during high school. Completing courses in my undergraduate degree, especially 'Software Engineering' and 'Compiler Design,' deepened my interest in developing flexible and reliable software systems. Just after I finished my Bachelor's program, I came to the United States to start my exciting PhD program!

​​​​​Research Interests

I have a broad interest in software systems, particularly in Programming Languages, Compilers, and Software Engineering. Additionally, I have enthusiasm for some concepts related to Database and Software Security.

What long-term project do you want to work on?

I am going to conduct research on developing dynamic analysis algorithms for reasoning about dynamic code generation bugs in JIT compilers under the supervision of Dr. Saumya Debray.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I am excited about contributing in any way, no matter how minor, to the software industry in order to enhance the performance of software systems. In particular, I enjoy working on projects that aim to increase the flexibility, reliability, and maintainability of programming languages, compilers, and software systems.

What are your career goals?

I want to pursue research that will directly improve people's working lives, especially programmers, by boosting the performance of software systems and programming languages in both academia and industry. However, my primary interest lies in working within the industry, particularly for high-tech software companies.

​​​​Tell us something interesting about yourself!

As an extrovert, I cherish social activities, from exploring new places to playing guitar, singing, hiking, and mountaineering. I find joy in shared experiences with friends.