Eric Duong

PhD Student
Office: N/A
Interests: Artificial Intelligence (NLP, ML, Vision)
Advisor: Dr. Kobus Barnard


To interact with people in the United State of America without knowing English, I relied on non-verbal communications to infer people's intention. Inspired by such life experience, I aim to develop an artificial social intelligent system that can socialize with people by predicting their intentions through observation and interactions. I hope that, when robots have the capability to understand people, people and robots can collaborate to solve challenging problems such as climate change and environmental crises.

​​​​​Research Interests

I am interested in Human-Robot Interaction.

What long-term project do you want to work on?

I am interested in developing a system that can infer people's intentions through observations and interactions.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I enjoy designing machine learning and deep learning models to analyze human behavior.

What are your career goals

I want to continue developing technology that collaborates with people to solve environmental crises.

​​​​Tell us something interesting about yourself!

I enjoy listening to big band jazz music.