Junyong Zhao

PhD Student
Office: GS 718
Interests: Cloud Database, Distributed System
Advisor: Dr. Lei Cao


I am a PhD student focusing on cloud database and distributed system at the University of Arizona. Before U of A, I obtained my master's degree of Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania. I also worked as a research assistant at UPenn during my master's program focusing on designing better systems in a distributed fashion through compartmentalization.

​​​​​Research Interests

Cloud Database, Distributed System

What long-term project do you want to work on?

Improving the performance and durability for modern cloud database.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I enjoy the solidness and the practical nature of my work. I like the process of designing and realizing things that would be beneficial to others.

What are your career goals?

My short-term goal is to complete my PhD program. I hope to find an academia job in the future, but I'm also open to industrial choices.

​​​​Tell us something interesting about yourself!

I come from a non-computer science background. I obtained my bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering at Sichuan University. It is never too late to pursue things that you love and enjoy, as long as you are motivative and passionate.