Staff Shoutouts

The Department of Computer Science has the best staff on campus. The staff members of this department help provide support to faculty and students and are vital in making sure things run smoothly.  This monthly recognition aims to highlight the positive impact CS staff have on students and the department. Staff members are nominated by their peers. 

October 2022

Martin Marquez

Martin was recognized by Arin Khatua. Arin nominated Martin because "Martin helped me create a course enrollment plan for the remaining semesters to graduate on time. The really impressive part was he sent a follow-up with detailed notes/attachments about the meeting, also provided follow-up to-do's which was clutch!"

September 2022

Arthur Jordan

Arthur was recognized by Jake Bode. Jake nominated Arthur because "He was very helpful and considerate when giving me information about my resume and internship applications. "

Arthur was recognized by Duke Speed. Duke nominated Arthur because "Every single interaction I have with Arthur is a positive one. I have never walked away from a meeting or presentation with him feeling like I accomplished little. He also is never shy to offer advice if you ask, and I find his advice to be some of the most helpful that I've received throughout my career with the university. And he does this all while he's taking classes to further his own education! I have never heard a negative review of him from any CS students, which is a very rare thing in our department. If I had to pick one CS Staff to throw all of my tuition at, it would be Arthur."

Martin Marquez

Martin was recognized by Nishant Athwale. NIshant nominated Martin because "Due to a modality change in one of the CSC courses, I was 2 credits short of my full time enrollment requirement. Martin helped by suggesting some possible solutions for the same and enrolling me in the required classes. "

March 2022

Eric Collins

Eric was recognized by Sammi Abida Salma. Sammi nominated Eric because "He helped me to install my requested apps on my desktop in TA office. I asked for different apps at different times. Whenever I asked for, he was very prompt to install them and provided guidance [on] how to use them."

Arthur Jordan
Arthur was recognized by Jeff Wiederkehr. Jeff nominated Arthur because "Arthur has been a tremendous help to me in navigating the internship process...Most recently Arthur met with me in person to do a mock interview to help prepare me for an upcoming technical interview. I ended up receiving two awesome internship offers and I'm really grateful that I had Arthur as a resource. The support and guidance I received from Arthur has been invaluable and he has always gone above and beyond in supporting me in achieving my career goals."
Tina Mendoza
Tina was recognized by Connor Scully-Allison. Connor nominated Tina because "Tina did an amazing job organizing and managing the prospective student visit! She handled so many logistics and went above and beyond by consulting with the Computer Science Grad Student Council during initial planning and regular check ins. She also chose excellent food options and an amazing trip to the Desert Museum."

January 2022

Enrique Norriega

Eriques was recognized by George Barbosa. George nominated Enrique for recognition because "Enrique works in an extremely comradely way. We all struggle once in a while. He has been there to support the team when we needed somebody."

October 2021

Alicia Cool

Alicia was recognized by Hoang Van. Hoang nominated Alicia for recognition because "...her commitment to financial services and interactions with students and faculty. On of many examples of her passionate work is that she went beyond and above our expectation to plan and put in place the detailed reimbursement process for our upcoming EMNLP conference....her willingness and commitment to work around the clock, specifically during her vacation, we were able to complete the preparation and were ready to roll."

Alex Hernandez

Alex was recognized by Shreyas Khandekar. Shreyas nominated Alex because "[Alex is a] Fantastic Advisor; helped me figure out my schedule really quick and was always on top of what I needed to do for my double degree and always helped me work with my other advisor to figure things out. Very accommodating. Also, he sends emails to check up on us every not and then which is just great! All in all a solid resource and friend :)"

September 2021

Arthur was recognized by Connor Brett. Connor nominated Arthur for recognition because "Arthur has been very helpful and supportive with my full time job search and even came to congratulate me in person when I told him that I signed an offer."