TAs of the Month

November 2022

Honor Jang

Prof. Benjamin Dicken nominated Honor for recognition because "It's been an honor to work with Honor this semester :). She is is a hard-working and intelligent student with a bright future, and has been a great addition to the group of 110 TAs."

October 2022

Rhys Davis

Prof. David Claveau nominated Rhys for recognition because "Rhys keeps the peace and keeps the trains running on time. And he got food for our last grading session. Great coordinator!"

September 2022

Yang Hong

Prof. Kwang-Sung Jun nominated Yang for recognition because "Yang has been exceptionally good on communicating issues with grading, making great suggestions, voluntarily participating in the online discussion, and answering questions from the students in a professional manner."

Rey Sanayei

Prof. David Claveau nominated Rey for recognition because "Rey is our course coordinator in CSC335. He keeps things running smoothly and is always there when I need him. I needed him to complete a document for the students and he sent it to me  at 5:44am, on time and complete. Rey is a ray of sunshine!"

Bennett Brixen

Prof. Janalee O'bagy nominated Bennett for recognition because "Bennett automated an important grading task that resulted in reducing weekly grading time by at least an hour each week for all the TAs. After assigning him this task, he devised a solution and implemented it independently with great success. In general, Bennett is always constructive, productive, and reliable. It is a pleasure to work with him and have him on my 120 TA team."

Michael Arroyo

Prof. Benjamin Dicken nominated Michael for recognition because "Michael is a great TA for 352. He was willing to swap into the role from being a 110 TA to 352 since we were in need after the semester had already begun. He has really fit well into the role to help with grading, having office hours, and being present in class. Keep up the good work!"

April 2022

Miguel Rodriguez

Prof. Tyler Conklin nominated Miguel for recognition because "Miguel always bring a good attitude to office hours and exam grading sessions. His encouragement and positivity are appreciated by both the students and the instructor alike. He ran two of the supplemental instruction sessions this month."

Kartikey Shukla

Prof. Ben Dicken nominated Kartikey for recognition because "Kartikey has proven to be an excellent TA for CS 352 this semester. He is a very good communicator, and has a great attitude about helping with course needs, and even created a discord bot to manage the office hour queue."

March 2022

Yang Hong

Prof. Sazzadur Rahaman nominated Yang for recognition because "Yang has been excellent in all the departments! He returned his grades on time with excellent feedback. HW3 was tricky for most of the students in the class. He did a great job in helping students and always kept an eye on the piazza even at late nights, especially before the HW deadlines (when it gets flooded)"

Ash Reed

Prof. Lester McCann nominated Ash for recognition because "Ash took CSc 245 with me in the spring of 2019 and has been a member of the UGTA group for the course ever since, first as a TA and now as the Class Coordinator for the last three times I've taught the class. I'm nominating Ash for ... his dedication to the class, for his support of the students, for his stabilizing influence on the TA group during the pandemic, and, most of all, for his willingness and ability to put up with me for six semesters!"

Caroline Hyland

Prof. Eric Anson nominated Caroline  for recognition because "Caroline is an exceptional TA in every aspect. She is dependable...She is hard working. Between her classes, the countless hours she puts in as a TA, and her volunteer work I can only think she has Hermione's time-turner to be able to get everything done.She is thoughtful and meticulous. She often thinks of things that need to get done before I do...I'd be lost without her. She is patient and cares about the students."

February 2022

Giang Huong Pham

Prof. David Claveau nominated Giang for recognition because "You can count on Giang to count the instructions! Giang diligently counted the instructions for an exam question and was able to catch an error in the solutions. That kind of attention to detail can make a big difference and G(iang) is a TA you can count on!"

Bennett Brixen

Prof. Russell Lewis nominated Bennett for recognition because "Bennett Brixen has gone above and beyond for the class, running all of the projects that I have composed, and giving clear and detailed feedback on each one. By testing the autograder ahead of time, he has discovered errors that I overlooked. And in addition, he has been very active in Discord and elsewhere, being helpful to the students and also the rest of the staff!"

January 2022

Amir Mohammad Esmaieeli Sikaroudi

Prof. Tyler Conklin nominated Brandon for recognition because "[Brandon] puts a lot of thought into our staff meetings. Always bringing up important information or topics to discuss. Updated the autograders to use a more recent version of Java. Comes to every single class to help student learning. Creates all of the assignments in Gradescope. Set up TA office hour schedule"

Amir Mohammad Esmaieeli Sikaroudi

Prof. Alon Efrat nominated Amir for recognition because "I cannot over- emphasize the contribution of Amir to "computer graphics". He has an unlimited patience to assist students. Always with a positive attitude and a smile. He suggest

November / December 2021

Caroline Hyland

Prof. Lester McCann nominated Caroline for recognition because "Caroline is nearly always the first person to volunteer when TAs are needed.... As Coordinator-in-Training, she helps the Coordinator with all of the support tasks for the class....co-hosts the first Supplemental Instruction session each week and never fails to email a summary to the class staff to help the other TAs prepare for their SI sessions...If all of that somehow isn't enough, she's also one of the nicest, most helpful people I've ever met - Prof. Lester McCann

Giulia Ghidoli

Prof. Tyler Conklin nominated Giulia for recognition because "Giulia has come to every single class to help with student questions even though I don't require attendance at class...helped scan all 6 of the tests...so we can start grading promptly....one of the first, if not the first, to finish all assigned grading....helped proofread exam questions whenever required on short notice."

October 2021

Michael Tuohy

Prof. Jonathan Misurda nominated Micheal for recognition because "Michael took the initiative to help me set up gradescope for the 335 midterm.... He created the course, uploaded the exams, held a training session for the other TAs, and took point on troubleshooting all of the small issues that arose.... [Michael] has been an asset for the success of 335 this semester."

Mary Eskandari

Prof. John Kececioglu nominated Mary for recognition because "Mary has great attention to detail, completes her work promptly, and brings a positive attitude to all she does."

Leon Trusheim

Prof. Ben Dicken nominated Leon for recognition because "Leon has been a TA for 110 in Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Summer 2021, and Fall 2021. He has a friendly personality and does a great job interacting with the students in his groups for 110. He also goes above-and-beyond in terms of office hours, and has more on the schedule than required."

Marium Yousuf

Prof. Melanie Lotz nominated Marium for recognition because "Marium has really grown into a good, reliable TA. She's my go-to person in CSC 345. I've been impressed with her dedication. She often puts in extra time with students (staying late after her office hours are over)....takes feedback well, and she handles all kinds of issues with student grades.... I tend to have very high standards for TAs, and I'm happy to say that Marium lives up to those standards. "

Benjamin Perumala

Prof. Russell Lewis nominated Benjamin for recognition because "Ben wrote an invaluable bot for our class Discord server, which we have been using to manage students in all of my classes - it keeps track of the students, in the order they arrive, and makes office hours a breeze (at least, as regards the queue!)....he added several new features....He's always helpful, always good-natured, and always ready to make QueueBot a little better when we need it."

Sam Cox

Prof. David Claveau nominated Sam for recognition because "Sam is samtastic! We had to copy the grades from gradescope to d2l and could not have done it without her."

September 2021

Enfa George

Prof. Jason Pacheco nominated Enfa for recognition because "Enfa has performed beyond expectations, including single-handedly creating homework assignments that are uniquely interesting and engaging to students."

Aliyah Hernandez

Prof. Ben Dicken nominated Aliyah for recognition because "Aliyah Hernandez exemplifies excellence as a TA for 110. She brings a kind and friendly personality into the classroom, and does an excellent job at interacting with her students during in-class activities. She also did an excellent job being a TA for 110 when it was in online mode. "