The Department of Computer Science offers FREE in-person  tutoring for students enrolled in CSC courses during the fall and spring semesters. If you need extra support on assignments, want to check your understanding of CS concepts, or just want that little bit of help, stop by our Tutor Center for help. Our undergraduate tutors have successfully completed CS courses and can help guide you to success. 

Location: Gould-Simpson, Room 914


Mondays - Thursdays

Fridays 10am-4pm

*The Tutor Center is closed on university holidays, spring break, winter closure, and summer. The Tutor Center may offer limited tutoring during final exam week, but depends on staffing. 

CS tutoring is offered in-person only. You can sign-up to attend tutoring ahead of time here (only active when Tutor Center is open). 


Freya Barber 


Freya is a junior pursuing the BA in Computer Science with a minor in Information Science and eSociety and the Undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity. Freya joined the Tutor Center in spring 2022. Freya joined the Tutor Center because she wanted to help others and use the opportunity to practice her programming skills. Freya enjoys tutoring because "I love watching students gain that sudden moment of relief when they suddenly understand something they have been struggling with". 

An interesting tidbit - Freya participates in the St Patrick's Day parade as a member of the Desert Irish Wolfhound Association. 



Edward Botterbusch


Mauricio Brooks


Raul Davila


Raffal Abu Eshey


Giulia Ghidoli


Gabby Lampner


Huy Le


Hung Le Ba


Evan Ohme


Anh Nguyen Phung


Gavin Pogson


Noel Poothokaran


Thu Tra

Thu Tra

Thu is a senior pursuing a BA in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. Thu started as a tutor for the Department of Computer Science in Spring 2022. She joined the department to "assist my peers with materials in CS classes and get more involved with our department." Thu is excited to start working with students again this upcoming semester, noting that her favorite part of the role is "seeing the students I helped figure out solutions to their problems and have their stress relieved."

Thu enjoys drawing during her free time. 


Loc Minh Tran


Gavin Vogt

Gavin Vogt Picture

Gavin is a senior pursuing a BS in Computer Science and Physics (dual major) with a minor in Mathematics. He has been a tutor for the Department of Computer Science for two semesters, joining in Fall 2021. Gavin decided to be a CS tutor "so I could help students struggling with new concepts I have learned." He is enjoying being a tutor and notes that his favorite part of being a tutor is "seeing the growth and progress students make each time they return to tutoring."

Gavin has previously run a marathon (that's 26.2 miles!!!). 


Ben Wunderlich



We offer tutoring for CSC courses only. CSC 101, 110, 120, and 210 are covered all hours of operation. For other CSC courses, please check the schedule.

Students asking for tutoring are expected to:
  • Come prepared with questions

  • Be familiar with assignment

  • Have assignment specs with them

  • Be willing to work hard for the solution

  • Treat the tutors with respect

Tutors are expected to:
  • Assist with high-level concepts

  • Tutor appropriate level of student and not student they are in class with

  • Help students understand the problem they are trying to solve

  • Not provide solutions

  • Not program for students

If you have any questions/concerns/comments about tutoring in the Department of Computer Science, contact tutorcoords@cs.arizona.edu and Martin Marquez (martinmarquez@cs.arizona.edu).

The Department of Computer Science does not offer private tutoring. We are happy to help connect you with a member of our current tutor team. You can email tutorcoords@cs.arizona.edu and Martin Marquez (martinmarquez@cs.arizona.edu) if you'd like assistance in finding a private student tutor. Our team will reach out to our current tutors to see if any are interested in serving as private tutor. Please note, however, that the Department of Computer Science is not responsible for private tutor arrangements - it is an arrangement between two private entities : requestor and the tutor. 

The Tutor Center hires undergraduate students each semester. Announcements about hiring for the Tutor Center are sent via email to CS student listservs and through targeted direct emails. The hiring committee invites you to apply if you:

  • are an undergraduate student that has completed (or are about to complete) all CS pre-major coursework (110, 120, 210, 144, 244 [or 245]) 
  • are able to tutor for multiple classes (tutors are only able to tutor for courses in which they received a grade of B or higher)
  • want to help others 

The CS Tutor Center is always looking to recognize our tutors and find ways to improve our services. We invite any student that has used the Tutor Center to share their experience with us via the Tutor Center Survey.