Scholarship Universe

Scholarship Universe (SU) is the scholarship-matching tool for admitted University of Arizona students. SU connects Wildcats to millions of dollars in internal and external scholarships. You can can see what UA and non-UA opportunities are available at the Scholarship Universe website.

Department Scholarships - APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED (will reopen in Spring 2025)

Department scholarships are typically available each academic year. Students are notified via email when these department scholarships are open and accepting applications. The email is usually sent out in April. Department scholarships include:

The Ralph E. Griswold Memorial Scholarship in Computer Science is intended to support a computer science major in good academic standing and may be facing additional challenges in college. If you are applying for this scholarship please address in your personal statement additional challenges you face due to socio-economic status.

The O'Donovan Scholarship in Computer Science is intended to support computer science students. There will be awards given to computer science majors at different career levels.

The donor established this scholarship to encourage and assist students dedicated to pursuing a career in computer science. The recipient must be a junior or senior in Computer Science with a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0. The scholarship is limited to one academic year, although a junior who received the scholarship may be awarded again as a senior if he/she still meets the eligibility requirements. Scholarship awards are to be based on scholastic merit and personal character of the recipient without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, age, or creed. Recipients must be enrolled full-time.