Honors Theses

Each year the Computer Science Department graduates a number of students with a degree of Bachelor of Science with Honors. To achieve this, students must among other achievements successfully complete an honors thesis under the direction of a faculty member.

This list celebrates a quarter-century tradition of excellence in computer science research.

Spring 2020

  • Andres BarraganAdvances In Eye Blink Detection: Evaluating Convolutional Neural Network Based Blink Detection on Real World Data (pdf), under Jacobus Barnard
  • Faiz RafiqueAdvances In Natural Language Processing:Capsule Networks for Part of Speech Tagging (pdf), under Mihai Surdeanu
  • Matthew Robert RomeroI Improving the Performance of a Parflow Proxy Application Through Cuda Parallelism (pdf), under Michelle Strout
  • Dilen S GovinSimulation of Clocked Digital Logic in Hardware (HWC) (pdf), under Russell Lewis

Spring 2019

  • Bailey Brian NottinghamAn Algorithm And Implementation To Detect Covert Channels And Data Leakage In Mobile Applications (pdf), under Saumya Debray
  • Scott Michael Perry JrGraph Drawing In Spherical Geometry (pdf), under Stephen Kobourov
  • Dyana Crystal Yue MullerA Review Of Video-Based And Machine Learning Approaches To Human Eye Blink Detection In Video (pdf), under Jacobus Barnard
  • Michael Rei BeileyMental Health And Wellness Chatbot (pdf), under Allison Obourne
  • Robert Jackson K LindsaysHardware C (HWC) (pdf), under Russell Lewis

Fall 2018

  • Hang ChenSame Stats, Different Graphs (Graph Statistics and Why We Need Graph Drawing) (pdf), under Stephen Kobourov
  • Namratha Shamitha Suvarna, Evaluation and Improvement of Pre-Processing Techniques for Multiple-Gaze Geometry Research (pdf), under Jacobus Barnard

Spring 2018

  • Eric Michael EvansProvenance Analysis Within A.N.T.A.R.E.S. (pdf), under Richard Snodgrass
  • Eric Evan Michael NewberryA Caching Evaluation of the Hadoop Distributed File System (pdf), under Beichuan Zhang
  • Addison Armstrong Kaufmann, Designing a Privacy-Preserving Geovisualization of Citizen-Collected Environmental Data (pdf), under Katherine Isaacs
  • Cassidy Taylor Martin, Visualizing American Political Speech in the 21st Century  (pdf), under Katherine Isaacs

Spring 2017

  • Siru LiuMachine Learning Approachs for Prediction of Laryngeal Cancer (pdf), under Lingling An
  • Kunpeng ZhangProxy-Based Solutions to Facilitate Mobile Applications (pdf), under Beichuan Zhang

Spring 2016

  • Jeremy MoweryXOS: A Service for Deploying VPNs in the Cloud (pdf), under John Hartman
  • Jon StephensEnvironmental Monitoring Detector (pdf), under Saumya Debray
  • Karyn Bao An VoExploring the University of Arizona Student Population Through Data Visualization (pdf), under Carlos Scheidegger
  • David Jonathan PorfirioSingle-Sequence Protein Secondary Structure Prediction by Nearest-Neighbor Classification of Protein Words (pdf), under John Kececioglu

Summer 2015

  • Jeffrey A. PhelanIncreasing Usability in Simulated Labs Through the Use of User Interface Design Principles (pdf), under Richard Snodgrass

Spring 2014

  • Ryan MarcusHAWK: A Tool for Testing AMELIE (pdf), under Richard Snodgrass

Spring 2012

  • Matthew Adam JusticeOptimizing MongoDB-Hadoop Performance with Record Grouping (pdf), under John Hartman
  • Jaime Elizabeth SaulsChanging Perceptions of Computer Science (pdf), under Richard Snodgrass

Fall 2011

  • Gavin Joel SimonsTeaching and Visualizing Fitts’ Law (pdf), under Richard Snodgrass
  • Drew Mose MahrtAn Interactive High School Lab for Exploring Cognitive Load Theory (pdf), under Richard Snodgrass

Spring 2010

  • Alex Jay HennigesRefining the Infrastructure of τXSchema (pdf), under Richard Snodgrass
  • Jude Christopher NelsonAn Improved Multiprotocol Application Data Transfer Service (pdf), under John Hartman
  • Adam RobertsonRestructuring AZDBLab: The Science of Databases (pdf), under Richard Snodgrass
  • Joseph ThomasAn Adaptive Data Structure for Nearest Neighbors Search in a General Metric Space (pdf), under John Kececioglu

Spring 2009

  • Justin SamuelImproving Cross-Site Request Privacy and Security: Client-Side Cross-Site Request Whitelists (pdf), under Beichuan Zhang
  • Paul StevensComputer Chess: Exploring Speed and Intelligence (pdf), under Sandiway Fong

Fall 2008

  • Tasneem KaocharApplications of Pointer Alias Analyses (pdf), under Saumya Debray

Spring 2008

  • Andrew DavidsonSPADE: Semantically Preserving Abstract Decompiler Experiment (pdf), under Saumya Debray
  • Duy NguyenOFFKEY STUDIO: Software for Music Education (pdf), under Suzanne Westbrook

Spring 2007

  • Melinda Joy MalmgrenAn Infrastructure For Database Tamper Detection and Forensic Analysis (pdf), under Richard Snodgrass
  • Qiyam TungPersonal Medical Database: Improvement of Usability (pdf), under Richard Snodgrass

Spring 2006

  • Hutcheson ConradJMusic: A Real-time Java Auralization System
  • Adam HancockA Computational Platform For Comparative Genetic Reseach in Yeast
  • Anand IyerVisualization of Self-Modifying Code, under Saumya Debray
  • Ekaterina Hristova SpriggsModeling Intonation and Physiology in Emotional Conversations, under Kobus Barnard
  • John TrimbleCombining High Level Alias Analysis With Low Level Code Compaction Of The Linux Kernel (pdf), under Saumya Debray

Spring 2005

  • Eric Paul RoederτXSchema: Supporting Temporal XML Documents (pdf), under Richard Snodgrass

Fall 2004

  • Nathaniel BillCombining Turing, Mendel, and Darwin: Genetic Programming of Artificial Life

Spring 2004

  • Armand Navabi Generating and Using Opaque Predicates
  • Shawn PaulingChemWorks for the Newton MessagePad, under Richard Snodgrass
  • Abin Widad ShahabComparing Image-Segmentation Algorithms with Human-Segmented Images to Find an Upper Bound in Performance, under Kobus Barnard

Fall 2003

  • Srinivasan ChandrasekharanEvaluation of the Efficacy of Control Flow Obfuscation Against Profiling and Intelligent Static Attacks (pdf), under Saumya Debray
  • Matthew A. JohnsonWord Sense Disambiguation With Pictures, under Kobus Barnard

Spring 2003

  • Zachary V. HeidepriemDetecting Differences in Java Bytecode
  • Keith Noah SnavelyOptimization and Reverse Engineering Itanium Executables (pdf), under Saumya Debray and Greg Andrews

Fall 2002

  • John PlataSimulation and Theory of Texas Hold'em Poker

Spring 2002

  • Benjamin William SchwarzPost Link-Time Optimization On The Intel IA-32 Architecture (pdf), under Saumya Debray and Greg Andrews
  • Tal ShakedValue Specialization Using PLTO (pdf), under Greg Andrews and Saumya Debray

Fall 2001

  • Kelly T. HeffnerPlurally Parsable Tunstall Encoding and Multiply Fixed Length Huffman Encoding
  • Jennifer Bedke SartorThe Intricacies of Code Obfuscation

Spring 2001

  • Joseph DunnEffects of Window Size and Recurrence on Stream-Analyzing Neural Networks
  • Brian ShuckerGround-Based Prototype of CMOS Navigational Star Camera for Small Satellite Applications
  • Roman YusufovGuide: Graph Utility with Interactive Display and Interface

Spring 1999

  • Evan DeaublTaming Unix: A Study in Graphical User Interfaces

Fall 1998

  • Christopher CooperImplementing Netshell in the Universal Search Environment
  • Gordon LyonsThe Art of Port Scanning

Spring 1998

  • Antonia KolokolovaAlgorithms for Algebraic Proof Systems Modeling Evolution on Rugged Fitness Landscapes
  • Sofiya VasinaNeural Networks and the Adaptive Multiplayer Game Environment

Fall 1995

  • Michael ShipmanVisualizing Trees

Spring 1995

  • Jaren McCainFunc++: A Functional Programming System for the C++ Language
  • Jesse MacnishH-Hulls: A Molecular Boundary Estimation

Fall 1994

  • Eron JokipiiFine-Grain Parallelism on a Multicomputer, under Greg Andrews

Summer 1994

  • Patricia Leonard

Spring 1991

  • David KaysObject-oriented Network Protocols in Lipto and the X-Kernel, under Larry Peterson
  • Latif NathaniImplementation of the SR Threads Program in a Multi Tasking Environment, under Greg Andrews