Honors Program

The Department of Computer Science has a vibrant Honors Program. Each year the Computer Science Department graduates a number of students with a degree of Bachelor of Science with Honors.

The following lists some of the resources available to Honors students.

  • The departmental honors advisor is Professor Cesim Erten. He welcomes meeting with honors students to talk about their goals and to answer specific questions about honors. Just send him an email to make an appointment. It is helpful to have regular contact with the CS department honors advisor. Especially useful are (a) a meeting during the freshman year to plan early honors experiences and (b) a meeting in the junior year to plan your honors thesis. Of course, meetings other times are also encouraged.
  • You should closely with your assigned Honors College advisor to ensure that you are benefitting from the wide variety of opportunities at the Honors College.
  • Please visit the following links for more information about the Honors College and the Honors College FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Furthermore, we have our own FAQ about the honors program as well.
  • Currently, the Department of Computer Science does not offer honors-only sections for our courses, however, it is possible to enter into an "honors contract" with certain faculty members for honors credit. For more information, please see your Computer Science assigned advisor.
  • Many faculty are open to directing undergraduate research projects, especially with honors students. These could start with a CSC 399H or CSC 499H independent study, and could lead to a CSC 498H honors thesis. Honors students are encouraged to talk directly to individual faculty in their areas of interest, or to meet with the Department Honors Advisor (see above) to discuss alternatives. Students should start lining up an honors thesis advisor by the spring semester of their junior year, at the latest.
  • The department maintains an honors listserv, with all honors students automatically included. If you are not sure if you are on this listserv, just contact the Advising Office at advising@cs.arizona.edu.
  • The department is pleased with the many honors graduates and their honors theses over the last quarter century.
  • There are many opportunities for undergraduate research in this department.
  • The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Consortium at the University of Arizona has five undergraduate research programs.
  • The Computer Research Association has a great web site, known as the Computer ScieNce UndErgraduate Research (Conquer) site (a somewhat awkward acronym), that provides resources for undergraduates interested in participating in research and/or attending graduate school.
  • Please also periodically check the Honors College website.
  • To register for independent study or honors thesis credit, a student and faculty member must work together to complete an Individual Studies Proposal Form, which should be submitted to the Academic Services Office in Gould-Simpson Room 917.