B.S. in Artificial Intelligence

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Bachelor of Science in
Artificial Intelligence



Our B.S. in Artificial Intelligence gives students an in-depth education in one of the most in-demand areas of technological advancement and application in the modern workforce. Students will develop technical skills alongside practicing critical thinking and problem solving through collaborative learning and work with our R1 faculty.

We are preparing students with knowledge in data science, machine learning, and computer vision for careers in software, robotics, deep leaning, and natural language processing. Industry application for a BS in AI is interdisciplinary and actively expanding including work in Health Care, Finance, Government, Supply Chain Management, and Human Resources. 

The UA Computer Science Department faculty and staff are dedicated to providing top-tier support to empower our students to take ownership of their education and find the best path to achieving their goals.




Foundations / General Education requirements:

Math Calculus I (MATH 122B or 125) or higher
Composition ENGL 101/102, or ENGL 101A/102, or ENGL 106/107/108, or ENGL 107/108, or ENGL 109H
Second Language Second semester proficiency
Gen Ed Intro/Capstone UNIV 101, and UNIV 301
Gen Ed Exploring Perspectives One Artist course, one Humanist course, one Natural Scientist course, and one Social Scientist course
Gen Ed Building Connections Three courses

Supporting Math and Science coursework for Computer Science:

Supporting Math Basic Statistics (MATH 163) and Linear Algebra (MATH 313)

Artificial Intelligence Major -- total of 54 units (including 33 upper-division [300/400-level]), including:

Foundational courses (21 units) CSC 110, CSC 120, CSC 144, CSC 210, CSC 244, and CSC 2XX (Introduction to AI)
Ethics (3 units [upper division]) CSC 3XX (Ethics in Computer Science)
**This foundational course requires Advanced Standing to enroll
Major core courses (9 units [all upper-division]) CSC 345, CSC 380, and CSC 480
Advanced AI Electives (12 units [ all upper-division]) Select 4 from:
CSC 477, CSC 483, LING/PSY/CSC 438, LING/PSY/CSC 439, and PHIL/PSY/CSC 455
Additional Major electives (6 units [upper-division]) At least two additional relevant courses (6 units) from the Advanced AI requirements or advanced non-AI courses from the approved selection.
Senior Capstone (3 units [upper-division])

CSC 498

The BS in AI requires completion of a capstone project (CSC 498). This project will be a group project for most students and therefore cannot be used to fill the senior thesis requirement (498H) for students completing their Honors College Requirements.

Consult the PDF version of your UAccess advisement report to confirm which courses meet the above categories.

General electives -- as necessary, to reach the total of 120 units (including 42 units upper-division [300/400-level]) required


The following resources may be helpful to AIBS students:

Program Checklist

Sample 4-year plans based on starting Math can be accessed from the CS Advising page

This degree requires completion of Calculus I, Basic Statistics, and Linear Algebra. 

Many students worry that starting at a lower level of Math will cause them to be "behind" or unable to graduate "on time". This is a misconception. It is not recommended that students attempt to cram or otherwise stress in order to achieve a higher starting math placement. Doing so may actually lead to students being underprepared for the math course they take and/or other classes they enroll in based on meeting different math minimums.

You can view sample 4 year plans for differing math starting points here.

Can I major in both Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science?
A student may double major in both CS and AI (BS in both).
A student may earn a dual degree in both CS and AI (BS in AI and BA in CS).
To plan for meeting the requirement for both AI and CS together, students should consult regularly with their academic advisors.

Can I Minor in Computer Science?
Yes! The BS in AI will automatically fulfill the requirements for a Minor in CS, and there are no limitations preventing you from declaring this minor under your AI BS major nor additional requirements for students who do so to be awarded both parts of this combination.

What else can I major or minor in with my BS in AI?
Students may combine any other majors/minors/degrees with the BS in AI. 
Students should consult with advisors in all applicable departments when planning their courses. 


All students beginning their degree, including transfer students, will declare their major (Bachelor of Science in AI). Students will take a series of foundational courses before they can begin taking the major core courses or most other major upper division courses. Upon completion of the foundational courses, students’ academic records will be evaluated, and those who qualify will be offered “Advanced Standing” in the major. Enrollment in the major core courses and the majority of the upper division elective CSC courses is limited to students with Advanced Standing in the major.

Learn more about the foundational and advanced standing coursework on the AI Curriculum Structure page.

We have a variety of resources to help you succeed academically, connect with your peers and department, and prepare for your future career. These range from tutoring to study abroad and are here to help you make to most of your time at UA.

The BS in AI requires completion of a capstone project (CSC 498). This project will be a group project for most students and therefore cannot be used to fill the senior thesis requirement (498H) for students completing their Honors College Requirements.

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