Courses & Registration


Please see the list of CSC courses for information about our undergraduate course offerings. Please note that many of the courses on this list are not offered every semester. See the Schedule of Classes through your UAccess Student Center to see what is currently offered, and contact your CS advisor if you have questions. Complete the Syllabus Request Form to request recent course syllabi. 

CS individual study courses (not shown on the above list) are also available, and include Independent Study (CSC 199, 299, 399, 499), Honors Independent Study (CSC 199H, 299H, 399H, 499H), Preceptorship (CSC 391), Directed Research (CSC 392, 492), Internship (CSC 493), and Honors Thesis (CSC 498H). Students may earn up to 18 total units of CS individual study courses. Individual study courses do not count towards CS major or CS minor requirements, but they can count as general elective credit toward your overall degree requirements.

Spring 2023 Registration

The Schedule of Classes for Spring 2023 is available online beginning October 1st 2022.  Shopping carts are now available.

Before you begin the registration process, view these helpful videos:

How to Read your Advisement Report

How to find your General Education Requirements

How to Declare a Minor

  • Research your class options by accessing the appropriate website based on your CS status: Pre-Major, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, CS Minor
  • Plan ahead: Add classes to your UAccess Shopping Cart, thereby making it faster to register when your enrollment appointment begins.
  • Check enrollment eligibility: Once a class is added to your Shopping Cart, information appears showing whether you meet the enrollment requirements.
  • Resolve any registration holds that restrict your registration in October - BEFORE your registration begins. (You can check to see if you have any registration holds at the home page of your UAccess Student Center).
  • Be prepared: Have backup classes ready in case your first choice is unavailable.

Visit the Registrar's Office website for more information, including tutorials, on the enrollment process.

  • Contact your academic advisor if you need assistance selecting courses for the upcoming term.
  • Appointments during this time will be a maximum of 15-20 minutes each, for Spring 2023 scheduling ONLY. (For more time-intensive advising, including a graduation plan, meet with your advisor again after November 17th.)
  • Computer Science drop-in advising is Monday-Thursday, 1-4pm during this time (October 10 - November 17). Meetings are available in person and/or via Zoom. See the Advising page for specifics.
  • If you have a minor or another major, we encourage you to meet with that advisor as well.

  • Please note that we no longer offer waitlists for CSC courses.
  • We strongly recommend you register for your Spring courses on the first day of your registration.
  • To view information on the upcoming registration schedule, please use the Dates and Deadlines Calendar.
  • Visit the Registrar's Office website for more information, including tutorials, on the enrollment process.

Winter 2022 Registration

The Schedule of Classes for Winter 2022 is available online beginning October 1st 2022.

Registration for all students for Winter 2022 classes begins Monday, October 31st 2022.

For Pre-Computer Science majors hoping to be admitted to the major

Students will be evaluated for major admission at the following time before Spring 2023:

  • The major admissions process will be finalized in mid-December to early January, after Fall grades are posted. You will be emailed more information then. See the Pre-Major website for specific major admissions requirements.
  • If you are admitted to the CS major for Spring 2023, you will be registered in January for TWO core courses for the Fall semester -- CSC 252, and either CSC 335 or CSC 345. (You will not be eligible to register for these courses during priority registration in November.)
  • If you are interested in a third (non-core) CSC course in Spring 2023 that you are eligible for (based on prerequisites), you should try to register for that CSC course in November as soon your registration becomes available. At this time you should also register for any other (gen ed/minor/elective) courses you plan to take in Spring 2023.
  • If you do not expect to meet the major admissions requirements at the end of the term, please schedule an appointment (not drop-in) with your major advisor.

For Computer Science minors

See the lower part of the CS Minor website for information about registration for CS minors.