Technical Reports: 2000-present

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TR14-04: not online 
Repeatability and Benefaction in Computer Systems Research . A Study and a Modest Proposal 
Christian Collberg, Todd Proebsting, Alex M Warren

TR14-03: PDF
Customer Quality Improvement of Software Systems 
Randy Hackbarth, Audris Mockus, John Palframan (Avaya Labs Research) and Ravi Sethi (University of Arizona)

TR14-02: PDF
Visualizing Graphs as Maps with Contiguous Regions 
Stephen G. Kobourov, Sergey Pupyrev, Paolo Simonetto

TR14-01: PDF 
Improved Approximation Algorithms for Semantic Word Clouds 
Michael A. Bekos, Thomas C. van Dijk, Martin Fink, Philipp Kindermann, Stephen Kobourov, Sergey Pupyrev, Joachim Spoerhase, Alexander Wolff

TR13-03: PDF 
Measuring Reproducibility in Computer Systems Research 
Christian Collberg, Todd Proebsting, Gina Moraila, Akash Shankaran, Zuoming Shi, Alex M Warren

TR13-02: PDF 
An Experimental Study of Algorithms for Semantics-Preserving Word Cloud Layout 
Lukas Barth, Stephen G. Kobourov, Sergey Pupyrev

TR13-01: PDF 
Efficient Methods for Registration of Multiple Moving Points in Noisy Environments 
E. Packer, S. Pupyrev, A. Efrat, S. Kobourov

TR12-03: PDF 
Planar Preprocessing for Spring Embedders 
J. Joseph Fowler and Stephen G. Kobourov

TR12-02: PDF 
Fitting Planar Graphs on Planar Maps 
Md. J. Alam, M. Kaufmann, S. G. Kobourov and T. Mchedlidze

TR12-01: PDF 
Outerplanar Graphs with Proper Touching Triangle Representations 
Md. Jawaherul Alam, Joe Fowler, and Stephen G. Kobourov

TR11-04: PDF 
Energy efficient buffer cache using phase change memory 
Naithani, Ajeya

TR11-03: PDF 
A Comparative Study of Phase Change Memory (PCM): Achieving Significant Reductions in Energy Consumption 
Rufus, Johny

TR11-02: PDF 
A distributed system for track discovery 
Cleveland, Matthew

TR11-01: PDF 
Expanding the Point -- Automatic Enlargement of Presentation Video Elements 
Qiyam Tung, Alon Efrat, Kobus Barnard, Ranjini Swaminathan

TR10-05: PDF 
Fall 2009 Human-Instructable Computing Wizard of OZ Studies 
Clayton T. Morrison, Ian R. Fasel and Paul R. Cohen

TR10-04: PDF 
Rex: A Toolset for Reproducing Software Experiments 
Somu Perianayagam, Greg Andrews, and John Hartman

TR10-03: PDF 
Bodyguard: Running Protected Applications in Untrusted Operating Systems 
Russell Lewis

TR10-02: PDF 
Static Detection of Disassembly Errors 
Nithya Krishnamoorthy

TR10-01: PDF 
NAT Traversal by Tunneling 
Arun Madhavan, Beichuan Zhang

TR09-02: PDF 
Colored Simultaneous Geometric Embeddings and Universal Pointsets 
Joe Fowler, Stephen Kobourov, Alejandro Estrella-Balderrama

TR09-01: PDF 
Predicting Secondary Structure of Proteins by Linear and Dynamic Programming 
David N. Perkins

TR08-05: PDF 
Efficient Routing in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks 
Huilong Huang

TR08-04: PDF 
Stork: Secure Package Management for VM Environments 
Justin Cappos

TR08-03: PDF 
bi` Remote Tamper-Resistance with Continuous Replacement 
Christian Collberg, Jasvir Nagra, Will Snavely

TR08-02: PDF 
Package Management Security 
Justin Cappos, Justin Samuel, Scott Baker, John H. Hartman

TR08-01: PDF 
Characterizing Simultaneous Embedding with Fixed Edges 
Joe Fowler, Michael Junger, Stephen G. Kobourov, Michael Schulz

TR07-05: PDF 
Cost-aware view materialization for highly distributed datasets 
Justin Cappos, Austin Donnelly, Richard Mortier, Dushyanth Narayanan, Antony Rowstron

TR07-04: PDF 
Minimum Level Nonplanar Patterns for Trees 
Joe Fowler, Stephen G. Kobourov

TR07-03: PDF 
Graph Simultaneous Embedding Tool, GraphSET 
Alejandro Estrella-Balderrama, J. Joseph Fowler, Stephen G. Kobourov

TR07-02: PDF 
Stork: Package Management for Distributed VM Environments 
Justin Cappos, Scott Baker, Jeremy Plichta, Duy Nyugen, Jason Hardies, Matt Borgard, Jeffry Johnston, John H. Hartman

TR07-01: PDF 
San Fermin: Aggregating Large Data Sets using Dynamic Binomial Trees 
Justin Cappos, John H. Hartman

TR06-04: PDF 
Characterization of Unlabeled Level Planar Graphs 
J. Joseph Fowler, Stephen G. Kobourov

TR06-03: PDF 
Characterization of Unlabeled Level Planar Trees 
Alejandro Estrella-Balderrama, J. Joseph Fowler, Stephen G. Kobourov

TR06-02: PDF 
Simultaneous Graph Embedding with Bends and Circular Arcs 
Justin Cappos, Alejandro Estrella-Balderrama, J. Joseph Fowler, Stephen G. Kobourov

TR06-01: PDF 
A Secure and Scalable Internet Routing Architecture 
Beichuan Zhang, Vamsi Kambhampati, Daniel Massey, Ricardo Oliveira, Dan Pei, Lan Wang, Lixia Zhang

TR05-10: not online 
psiX: Hierarchical Distributed Index for Efficiently Locating XML Data Peer-to-Peer Networks 
Praveen Rao, Bongki Moon 
This report has been superseded by a UMKC-TR (

TR05-08: PDF 
Evaluation of localized semantics: data, methodology, and 
Kobus Barnard, Quanfu Fan, Ranjini Swaminathan, Anthony Hoogs,Roderic Collins, Pascale Rondot, John Kaufhold

TR05-07: PDF 
A Force-Directed Approach to Sensor Localization 
Anand Iyer, Alon Efrat, Cesim Erten, David Forrester, Stephen G. Kobourov

TR05-06: PDF 
Outerplanar Graphs and Trees on Tracks 
Justin Cappos, Stephen G. Kobourov

TR05-05: PDF 
Morphing Planar Graphs in Spherical Space 
Stephen G. Kobourov, Matthew Landis

TR05-04: PDF 
Monitoring Java Programs Using Music 
Christian Collberg, Stephen Kobourov, C. Hutcheson, J. Trimble, M. Stepp

TR05-03: PDF 
Automatic Operating System Specialization via Binary Rewriting 
Mohan Rajagopalan, Saumya Debray, Matti Hiltunen, Richard Schlichting

TR05-02: PDF 
A Resource Allocation Framework for Global Service-Oriented Networks 
Justin Cappos, John Hartman

TR04-15: PDF 
System Call Signatures and Hidden Fingerprints 
Mohan Rajagopalan, Scott Baker, Saumya K Debray, Matti Hiltunen, Richard D Schlichting, John Hartman

TR04-12: not online 
Word Sense Disambiguation with Pictures 
Kobus Barnard, Matthew Johnson 
This report has been superseded by the AIJ version .

TR04-11: PDF 
An Empirical Study of Java Bytecode Programs 
Christian Collberg, Ginger Myles, Michael Stepp

TR04-09: PDF 
AlgoVista - A Tool for Classifying Algorithmic Problems and Combinatorial Structures 
Christian Collberg, Todd A. Proebsting

TR04-08: PDF 
Dynamic Graph-Based Software Watermarking 
Christian Collberg, Clark Thomborson, Gregg M. Townsend

TR04-07: PDF 
Software Watermarking in the Frequency Domain: Implementation, Analysis, and Attacks 
Tapas Ranjan Sahoo, Christian Collberg

TR04-06: PDF 
Graph Theoretic Software Watermarks: Implementation, Analysis, and Attacks 
Christian Collberg, Andrew Huntwork, Edward Carter, Gregg Townsend

TR04-05: PDF 
Cheating Cheating Detectors 
Christian Collberg, Ginger Myles, Michael Stepp

TR04-04: PDF 
Approximate Tree Pattern Counts over (Streaming) Labeled Trees 
Praveen Rao, Bongki Moon

TR04-03: PDF 
The Obfuscation Executive 
Christian Collberg, Kelly Heffner

TR04-02: PDF 
Slinky: Static Linking Reloaded 
John H. Hartman, Christian Collberg, Sridivya Babu, Sharath K. Udupa

TR03-19: PDF 
Reducing the energy cost of application/OS Interactions 
Mohan Rajagopalan, Saumya K Debray, Matti A Hiltunen and Richard D. Schlichting

TR03-17: PDF 
Applying Network Processors to Header Compression 
Siva Kollipara

TR03-16: PDF 
Venti FS: A Hash Based File System 
Siva Kollipara

TR03-15: PDF 
SENSE: A Toolkit for Stick-e Frameworks 
Siva Kollipara

TR03-14: PDF 
Virtual IP Machines: A System Framework for Emulating Multiple IP Hosts 
Jesus Arango

TR03-13: PDF 
An Efficient Flooding Algorithm for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks 
Jesus Arango, Mikael Degermark, Alon Efrat

TR03-09: PDF 
Exploiting Trust in Peer-to-Peer Systems 
Srinivas Visvanathan, and John H. Hartman

TR03-07: PDF 
SFSRO LITE - A Self-Certifying Read-Write File System 
Siva Kollipara

TR03-06: PDF 
PRIX: Indexing And Querying XML Using Prüfer Sequences 
Praveen Rao, Bongki Moon

TR03-05: PDF 
Profile Directed Optimization of Event Based Programs 
Mohan Rajagopalan, Saumya K Debray, Matti A. Hiltunen, Richard D. Schlichting

TR03-04: PDF 
Exploring the Computing Literature Using Temporal Graph Visualization 
Cesim Erten, Philip J. Harding, Stephen G. Kobourov, Kevin Wampler, Gary Yee

TR03-03: PDF 
Self-Plagiarism in Computer Science 
Stephen Kobourov, Christian Collberg

TR03-01: PDF 
Instruction Coalescing for 16-bit Code 
Arvind Krishnaswamy, Rajiv Gupta

TR02-05: PDF 
The Skidoo Real-Time Operating System 
Thomas J. Trebisky

TR02-04: PDF 
The Mirage NFS Router 
Scott Baker, John H. Hartman

TR02-03: PDF 
Adaptive and Incremental Processing for Distance Join Queries 
Hyoseop Shin, Bongki Moon, Sukho Lee

TR02-02: PDF 
Design and Implementation of an Inter-cell Management System: The Sabino System 
Fahd Al-Bin-Ali

TR02-01: PDF 
Activating Storage Systems with Agents 
John H. Hartman, Scott Baker, and Ian Murdock

TR01-02: PDF 
DsCats: Animating Data Structures for CS 2 and CS 3 Courses 
Justin Cappos, Patrick Homer

TR01-01: PDF 
A Fuzzy Visual Query Language for a Domain-Specific Web Search Engine 
Christian Collberg

TR00-06: PDF 
Designing Software to Reduce Cost of Testing 
Neelam Gupta, Len Bass

TR00-05: PDF 
Fine-Grain Configurability for Secure Communication 
Matti A. Hiltunen, Sumita Jaiprakash, Richard D. Schlichting, Carlos Ugarte

TR00-04: PDF 
Compiler Techniques for Code Compaction 
Saumya Debray, William Evans, Robert Muth, Bjorn De Sutter

TR00-01: PDF 
AlgoVista - A Search Engine for Computer Scientists 
Christian Collberg, Todd Proebsting